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Discover secrets to recurring income — with less work —

And steady streams of new clients that stay and pay ...


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New Client — €595 a Month — in Just 4 Days ...

Recurring income with less work — and steady streams of new clients that stay and pay — are keys to successfully launching and scaling your marketing agency income.

And it’s attainable through Local Marketing Pro’s "27 Client-Getting Strategies" and "9 Messenger Bot Systems."

You'll Love Local Marketing Pro's

27 Client Getting Strategies and

9 Messenger Bot Systems ...


Because our proven client-getting strategies and proprietary ready-to-launch bot systems are so simple to use.

And they produce results for marketing agency owners and their clients.

You don't need to take our word for it.

Here's what Local Marketing Pro Members have to say ...

Gives You All Bots & Tutorials — Really Easy Sale to New Clients — I Highly Recommend!

$13,000 in Sales with Local Marketing Pro Bots — My Wife and I LOVE These Bots ...

New $1,200 Client in 7 Days with Local Marketing Pro ...

Charge Clients for Bots — Set It and Forget It — It's Passive Income ...

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Agency-in-a-Box, and Everything You Need ...

Just Closed Another Client ...

The Gold Standard of Bots ...

5 Location Client — Great Results ...

I Decided to Join the Party ...

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No Previous Bot Experience is Required,

And the Fast Results are Amazing...

$900 in 7 Days for My Client ... 9X ROI ...

Listen to what Hayden is saying about Local Marketing Pro and our 9 Messenger Bot Systems:

"... it's so easy, with no experience, you can have a top-of-the-line system set up in no time.

"They're designed beautifully.  Everything from installing the bots, tracking sheets, integrations — even the exact ad and the creatives.

"... eased the set up for my clients to literally just a couple clicks.

"... one of my clients spent about $100 (in ads), has 171 people already opted-in and has made $900 in less than 3 weeks ... 9X ROI."

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Quick, Simple, Out-of-the-Box Solution to Bot Building ...

Install and Run the Bots ... And They Work Perfectly Each Time ...

Great Suite of Bots ... Plug-and-Play ... A Ton of Value ...

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Land Paying Clients,

Create Amazing Results, and

Increase Recurring Income ...

Messenger Marketing Agencies are so hot right now.

Your Messenger Marketing Bot Agency could give you monthly cash-flow fast — even starting with a handful of clients.

How do I know this?

I've developed Messenger bots for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Hi, my name is Al Friedl.  I'm founder and bot developer here at Local Marketing Pro.

Developing bots and producing results are my obsessions, because that’s the way my mind works.

See, I'm a mechanical engineer and software developer.

I worked in avionics on flight systems software for fueling planes.

You know, the tanker jets that fuel other planes in mid-flight.  It's super tough with high pressure and no room for errors.

I live, eat and breathe software and bot development — and creating results to assure success.

And that's why 7-figure marketers turn to me to develop software and bots for their marketing agencies.

Do you know what I’ve discovered — working with some of the biggest marketers in our industry?

Success or failure comes down to a very important choice:

What service do you offer?

There are a lot of low-paying digital services.  Maybe you're struggling to make money offering those now.

Lots of people are.  It’s not their fault.  They just don’t know.  And it’s making their lives harder than need be.

That’s one of the reasons I created Local Marketing Pro — to help people understand what’s possible for their lives.

Did you know it’s possible to make 6-figures a year offering Messenger bots?

Yes, it's true.

And some people are, even, making 7-figures a year.

It’s wild, right now, how many businesses want these results.

And you and I are at the beginning.

Messenger Marketing is just starting to go into momentum.

Perfect timing to start now.

My partner and I have identified 180 money-making niches for Messenger bot services.

And we put these niches into a special report for you.

We’ll even show you the hottest niches to launch your 6-figure marketing agency — or add 6-figures to what you're already doing.

Here’s what else you’ll get:

What's Included in the Local Marketing Pro

Ultimate Bot Bundle System

Immediate Access to 9 Bot Systems with Dashboards and Step-by-Step Videos for 30 Minute Bot Set Up in our Local Marketing Pro Membership Portal

The Local Marketing Pro membership website is where you get immediate login and access to NINE (9) Done-For-You, Ready-To-Use, Bullet-Proof Bot Systems.

You could have these installed in 30 minutes or less for your clients.

Each Bot System comes with:

Full video instructions for installing the ready-to-use bot system,

Elevator pitch for you to speak to clients,

Bot Dashboard with full tracking of redemptions, and

Facebook ads instructions with examples.

And, if you don't want to install the bot systems, do the Facebook Ads or do any of the techie work ... then you can use our super affordable Done-For-You Services.

You get everything you need to automate your marketing agency and client results.

Imagine — the hundreds of hours you'll saveby NOT needing to learn how to build bots — and NOT needing to keep up with changes.

I do the bot updating for you.

I've build — and more than proven — the result-producing POWER of all the Local Marketing Pro Bot Systems.

And if you do know how to build bots, then you know how many thousands of hours Local Marketing Pro Bot Systems will save you.

These are powerhouse bots that deliver amazing results above anything else I've seen — and I've seen a lot.

The Viral Giveaway Bot System, alone, required over 100 hours of my time building the bot, integrations, viral systems, dashboard integrations.

And that's just ONE of the NINE Bot Systems you get.

Local Marketing Pro Bot Systems are up-to-date and compliant with Facebook and Messenger changes.

Local Marketing Pro is worth the investment just to know you have the leading, result-producing bots that are always up-to-date and compliant.

My partner and I pulled together everything, we could think, you'd need to land clients and keep them paying month-after-month.

And there's more - resources, calculators, scripts, and other assets you need to get your agency going.

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NINE Bullet-Proof, Done-For-You Bot Systems With Everything You Need to Generate Results For Your Clients in Record Time

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Keep Your Clients Staying and Paying You

Discover secrets to recurring income — with less work —

Your Dashboard Automatically Tracks Subscribers, Redemptions,

Sales and Return-on-Investment For Your Clients

All the Bot Systems feed into one simple, easy-to-manage dashboard that shows you and your clients where every customer comes from, how much they spent, and how many times they come back — proving return-on-investment for your clients.

The Client Results Dashboard lets your clients see at a glance just how much revenue you're driving to their business!

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27 Client-Getting Strategies in our

Local Marketing Pro Facebook Group

You'll get the 27 Client Getting Strategies PROVEN to generate leads and land paying clients.

Here's how it happens for you.

We listen to your skill levels, your available time, your life.

Then we help you choose the two, three or five Client-Getting Strategies that could work for you to create your Client Getting Action Plan.

We want you to launch from your comfort zone, because we know you'll move forward best when you like and feel good about what you're doing.

Imagine ... actually enjoying launching and growing your marketing agency.

Local Marketing Pro is worth the investment just to have the leading, result-producing Client-Getting Strategies that actually work.

Plus we are with you — every step of the way, every day — in our "Local Marketing Pro: Inner Circle" Facebook Group.

My partner and I pulled together everything, we could think, you'd need to generate leads, land clients and keep them paying month-after-month.

... And So Much More!

  • More Bot Systems: As Local Marketing Pro grows, you'll have access to all updates, including all future bot systems!
  • Facebook Group: Join our expanding group of savvy marketers that work in all niches who are already getting incredible results for their clients. Find out what's working now, get answers to questions, and near instant support when you need it most.
  • Client Results Dashboard: This fully automated Client Results Dashboard for your Bots tracks ROI, redemptions, reviews, and much more in an easy-to-read format for showing your clients results that keep them happily paying you month after month.
  • Detailed Training: Complete, step-by-step tutorials and videos walking you through simple set up, to automation and ad creation. Nothing is left to chance!
  • Ads Help: Ads and graphics swipe files of ads that really work to create results for clients.
  • Prospecting Calculators: Show your customers where they're losing money, and how they can generate more customers with the New Customer Profit Calculator and Groupon Calculator.
  • Email Swipes: If you're worried about prospecting, we've got you covered with a cold email swipe file that helps land clients in record time.
  • Trello Board: Manage your agency activities with our easy to use Trello Prospecting Board. Track your client acquisition and day to day activities to keep yourself accountable.
  • Niche List: Not sure where to start? This list of 180 niches is a great way to dive in and explore all the industries that need customers.
  • Always Updating: As Facebook, bots and the industry change, this system will evolve. You'll never have outdated information!

Join Local Marketing Pro Now:

$997 One-Time and $97/month

When you become a Founding Owner of Ultimate Bot Bundle System — you immediately join 186 other marketers who are getting results now.

Your one-time investment gives you immediate access to our Members Area where you get the Ultimate Bot Bundle System bots and 27 Client-Getting Strategies.

The monthly amount is for the Owners Group, daily support, bot and sales mentoring in our Local Marketing Pro Inner Circle Group, updates, ongoing case studies and all the new Bot Systems I build.

When you click "Buy Now" you'll get immediate access to Ultimate Bot Bundle System to launch bots ASAP, and Owners Group for support.

You really have four choices:

  1. Do nothing, and be left behind.
  2. Do it yourself and waste months, even years, trying to create bots and sales systems. And be always behind the curve — in catch up mode.
  3. Consider higher-priced options with less — needing to learn how to build your own bots, keep on with updates, and invest lots of time prospecting, because those systems make you change who you are to succeed.
  4. Fast Track Your ResultsTeam with us and get immediate access to launch now with fully built bots, amazing dashboard clients love and proven client-getting systems that work.
Buy Now!

P.S.  On The Fence?  Still Thinking?

Need to Know More ...

Local Marketing Pro's 9 Messenger Bot Systems are 100% up-to-date with Messenger's January 2020 and March 2020 changes.

Anyone running bots, NOT 100% compliant with Facebook Messenger changes, may face Messenger shutdowns, or worse yet, having your page unpublished.

I keep Local Marketing Pro Bots completely up-to-date.

Here's how our Local Marketing Pro system works ...

You follow our Client-Getting System.

Land your new clients and get paid.

Plug-and-play, result-producing bots are ready for you.

With the step-by-step installation videos I've created for you, you can install these bot systems quickly and accurately.

If you'd rather focus 100% on landing new clients — and want someone else to install bots for you — you have access to the Local Marketing Pro "Done For You Service."

Our "Done For You Service" is optional, super affordable — and keeps you landing clients and scaling.

Our Local Marketing Pro Inner Circle Facebook Group is a super strong, supportive community.

As a Local Marketing Pro Owner, you can vote on the next bot you want me to build.

Imagine that, for a moment.

You never have to build a bot, and you'll have the most powerful bots out there.

If you were to hire bot builders to build bots at this result-producing level, the current 9 bot systems would be well over $35,000 and at least six months.

I have over 100 hours in the Viral Bot System alone — and that's just one of the 9 bot systems you get immediate access to.

It's been my choice to keep Local Marketing Pro super affordable for you.

Most other bot agency programs cost much more than Local Marketing Pro.  And YOU have to build the bots !!!


Why do you want to learn bot building at this result-producing level?

These are not simple, quick bots.

These are result-producing, workhorse bots.

Seven-figure marketing agencies are getting amazing results for clients with these bots.

It's client-getting that lands you new clients.

It's result-producing bot systems that keep your clients paying and staying.

Local Marketing Pro gives you proven client-getting strategies and result-producing bot systems — to land new clients and keep them paying and staying with youcreating recurring income for you.

To help you with any other questions you have, here are a few more video comments from Local Marketing Pro Members — sharing their experiences ...

Sales Quickly — Command Premium Prices in Multiple Niches — Transforming My Business ...

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Great System ... Everything They Say Works ... I'm Achieving My Goals and Targets ...

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€6422 Sales — 590 New Customers ...

580 Bot Subscribers with Zero Ad Spend ...

Happy to Help You Set Bot Up ...

180 Comments, 60 Shares, $9.70 Ad Spend ...

193 Subscribers in 1 Day ...

Easy New Restaurant Clients ...

512 Bot Subscribers — 19¢ Each ...

First Numbers In — Crushing It ...

$2,391 Sales — 9.92X Return on Ad Spend ...

€4984 in Sales — 134 Redemptions ...

Results with Zero Ad Spend — Great Bot ...

130 Bot Subscribers in 1 Day ...

24 Bot Subscribers for $1 ...

$121.21 Sales in 1 Day for Lunch ...

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