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    Bot Overview

    The Elevator Pitch
    The Agency & Prospecting Bot is the face of your company. With it, your prospects can view your company bio, your services, testimonials, and most importantly, contact you and schedule an appointment!

    One of the best features of the Agency Bot is the New Customer Profit Calculator. With this flow, your prospects will be able to see just how much new customers can add to their bottom line - it sells itself!

    Template Info

    Once you've installed the ManyChat template, your bot will have a set of Custom User Fields, Bot Fields, Template Fields, and Tags. Custom Fields are values unique to each user in the bot, and Bot Fields are global - they're what power the template with dynamic info. Template Fields are encapsulated in the template so they don't overwrite what's in your bot already. Tags help us manage logic and flow. Here's the complete list:

    Custom Fields:

    • calc_mo_dif
    • calc_new_mo_gross
    • calc_new_yr_gross
    • calc_old_cust
    • calc_old_cust_freq
    • calc_old_cust_val
    • calc_old_mo_gross
    • calc_old_yr_gross
    • calc_yr_dif
    • email
    • office_phone
    • phone
    • user_appt_method
    • user_appt_time
    • user_referral_id
    • user_referral_name

    Bot Fields:

    • api_key
    • business_appt_link
    • business_call_button
    • business_email
    • business_name
    • business_phone
    • business_rep
    • business_vcard_url
    • business_website
    • calc_num_new_cust

    Template Fields:

    • N/A


    • lead_from_referral
    • users_clicked_appt
    • user_entered_email
    • user_entered_phone
    • user_downloaded_vcard
    • lead_from_meetup