Resources & Other Goodies

Marketing Slide Deck

Need inspiration for a marketing presentation? Use our Marketing Slide Deck for in-person presentations or online VSLs to get your clients!

A HUGE thanks to Aldo & Lori for putting this slide deck together!

Download the Slides

Gloria Food Linkinator

This tool will take your Gloria Food website ordering HTML code and generate a direct ordering or reservation link that you can use in your bots.

When clicked, it will load up just the online ordering menu for ease of use. If the restaurant allows reservations, you can also use the reservation link for bookings.

Access the Linkinator

Cold Email Series

This is the oldest prospecting method since before email was invented! If you aren't using cold email as part of your prospecting, you need to!

This is a simple 4 email series that focuses on Birthday Marketing and restaurants, but can easily be adapted to any niche and lead generation method.

Download the Emails

The email templates below are offered as a free download from LeadLantern. Note: We're not affiliated with them and haven't used their product.

But their cold emails are good stuff for any niche!

Download the Emails

"Do You Have Birthday Specials?" - Cold Inboxing Messages

If you're terrified of cold emailing, or don't want to mess with email account setup, lead scraping, etc then cold inboxing is the best thing ever!

Similar to cold email, you're messaging prospects' Facebook page inbox. With a super simple two message series, you can generate some pretty amazing results!

Download the Messages

Client On-Boarding Doc

Congrats, you've got a client! Now what?!

This simple on-boarding doc can be used as a base document for getting all the details you'll need from your client so you can get started running ads.

Just edit with your name, company and other info, save as a PDF, and send it to your client.

Download the Doc

The Big Fat List of 180 Niches

Here’s your big list of 180 niches that are hungry for more customers! While this list is pretty big, it’s just a small sampling of all the various businesses out there that need agency owners to drive customers and traffic with social media and Messenger marketing.

Use this list for ideas to finding your ideal clients!

Download the Niches

Discovery Call Script

Your outreach has worked, and now you've got a call scheduled - congrats! Oh sh*t, now what?!

Rest easy! We've got a script you can follow when you have your call that will guide your prospect through the journey of discovering that their old methods don't work, to knowing they need help, to saying YES!

Download the Script

ManyChat 2019 Keynote Slides

OK, these aren't the actual slides, but photos we took when at the conference. They'd be great for using in a video or on a sales page to show the importance of Messenger Marketing.

Download the Pics

Groupon Cost Calculator

Tons of businesses (your future clients) advertise on Groupon because let's face it - they don't know any better! Groupon forces businesses to drastically discount their products or services, and then they take 40-50% of the sale on top of that!

So while a business can sell a lot of Groupons, they can actually lose money on every sale. Even worse, they can't track redemptions, and they don't even get the user's email or phone for future nurturing.

This handy calculator can be used in an outreach video, an in-person meeting, or ona video call to show them how much they're giving up using Groupon.

Just copy the sheet, add your company info, and you're ready to go!

Download the Calculator

Check-In Calculator

If you've got a client that's not quite sold on bots, or you need a foot in the door strategy to land that client, then consider a Facebook Check-In program! Businesses rarely have a check-in formula, and it's a great way to get exposure.

It's simple - customers can check in on Facebook for a discount on the product or service. When they check in, all their friends and family see the check in, driving awareness for the business. Check-ins add authority because friends see the check-in and like and comment on the post. Frequently, the person that checked in will get asked for a recommendation from the friends, so it drives traffic too.

This calculator can be used to show your potential client the power of getting just 10 new customers each month with Check-Ins. Just copy the sheet, add your info, and you're all set!

Download the Calculator

Trello Prospecting Pipeline & To-Do Board

Trello is an excellent, free task manager that's invaluable to your business. We've built this board to be 1) a prospecting pipeline and 2) a general to-do list.

You'll have your pipeline full in no time, and be managing clients with ease!

To copy the board for your own use, open the menu in the upper right corner (Show Menu) and select More, then Copy Board.

Get the Trello Board

Ref URL QR Code Generator

As of August 15th, Messenger will no longer scan Messenger Scan Codes. This means you'll have to switch to QR Codes to get people into your bot from print or other non-online media.

No worries! Just use the QR Code Generator...

Generate QR Codes

SocialLinkr WordPress Plugin

If you've ever shared a link to your bot or to a website on Facebook and the link preview looks ugly - you know what I'm talkin' about - then SocialLinkr is the answer.

SocialLinkr creates "pretty" links to any URL you want, and also allows you to pixel a user on the way to the target.

It also lets you create linked Photos you can share on Facebook. Photo posts get great engagement, but when users click the photo, it just shows the photo. SocialLinkr actually inks your photo to any URL - your bot, affiliate links, whatever!

Download SocialLinkr

Using Integromat as a Form Handler

Whatever you use forms for on your website (birthday/VIP club signup forms, contact forms, email lists, etc) you can use Integromat as your form handler.

"What would I do that?". Integromat is a fantastic automation system that can do anything you want once data is submitted - add info to a google sheet, send you a text message, add people to multiple email lists (MailChimp or Active Campaign), and just about anything else you can imagine.

It makes sense to use it as your form handler. With this tutorial, you'll be able to set up a form that posts to Integromat and then redirects to any page you want!

Download the Files