Gloria Food Linkinator

Paste Your Gloria Food Legacy Site HTML Code Below

What's the Gloria Food Linkinator?

This widget will take your Gloria Food website ordering HTML code and generate a direct ordering or reservation link that you can use in your bots.

When clicked, it will load up just the online ordering menu for ease of use. If the restaurant allows reservations, you can also use the reservation link for bookings.

For example, in the Coupon Bot, you can use this link in the Bot Field business_website2 for the curbside ordering link.


  1. In your Gloria Food dashboard, access your restaurant.
  2. In the left menu, select Setup, then click on Publishing.
  3. Click on Legacy Website and add your website.
  4. Once you've added your website, click on the "HTML Code" link.
  5. Copy the personalized HTML code and then paste it in the text box above.
  6. The link generator will then create your direct ordering link.
  7. Copy the link and use it in your bot for online ordering.