Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy
Because these products are digital and chatbot templates can be cloned, all sales are final, and no refunds shall be given.

Monthly Membership
Monthly membership fees are required for premium support, group access and continued access to the Local Marketing Pro member area. If you cancel your monthly membership, you will lose access to the product.


All bot templates, Integromat scenarios, Google sheets, videos, and any other included assets for any Local Marketing Pro or Braintrust Interactive chatbot package(s) are the sole intellectual property of Patrick Friedl (Braintrust Interactive) and are subject to copyright in part or in whole.

As a licensee, you are free to use these assets in your business or include them with services you may provide for clients.

You may not, however, give away, sell, market as your own, or include any of these assets in any courseware, training, products, or lead magnets.

By installing and/or utilizing any of these assets, you hereby agree to the aforementioned licensing terms.

Getting Support
The templates, scenarios and Google Sheet are offered as-is and work as designed when installed and configured properly.

If you don’t follow the extensive instructions in order, or make any major changes to the flows that result in the template not performing as expected, we will not offer any support.

If for some reason you have problems with installation, please make sure that you first make use of the ManyChat and Integromat tutorials.

Any issues past that, please use our support form.