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The BIG List of Niches

Here’s your big list of 180 niches that are hungry for more customers! While this list is pretty big, it’s just a small sampling of all the various businesses out there that need agency owners to drive customers and traffic with social media and Messenger marketing.

Use this list for ideas to finding your ideal clients!

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Additional Resources

You'll need a few things to run your bots successfully:
A ManyChat Pro account (https://manychat.com)
An Integromat account (https://clkths.us/integromat)
Google Drive (https://drive.google.com)

💥 You'll also need at the very least, a basic working knowledge of ManyChat. If you're new to bots, then you can learn all the basics for free right here: https://course.manychat.com/.

💥 You'll need some very basic knowledge on using Google Drive, like copying Google Sheets, renaming them, and sharing with other users.

💥 Lastly, you'll only need to be able to follow the video instructions on setting up your Integromat scenarios. It's very easy to use, and there are some great resources for it:

💥 Personalized Images: We've added support for a dynamic, personalized images in the Birthday, Voucher, Coupon, and Giveaway bots!

You can use either PicSnippets or NiftyImages to create a personalized image for the user. You'll need an account on either platform:
PicSnippets: https://clkths.us/picsnippets - very powerful, fewer base templates/images
NiftyImages: https://clkths.us/niftyimages - not as powerful, but lots of templates/images

Troubleshooting Your ManyChat-Integromat Connection

If data from your bot isn't being populated into your Google Sheet, follow these steps:

  1. Did you make a copy of the google sheet and save to your Google Drive?
  2. In the Integromat scenarios, did you connect all the Google Sheet modules to the proper sheet?
  3. Does the webhook in the bot match the scenario in Integromat?
  4. Is the scenario toggled "ON"?
  5. Check the scenarios. Does the webhook have a clock icon on it or a lightning bolt?If it's got a clock icon, it's set to trigger on a timer, not when data is posted. To change this, click on the clock icon and set the schedule to run immediately, click OK, then save the scenario and ensure it's turned on.

Getting Support

The templates, scenarios and Google Sheet are offered as-is and work as designed when installed and configured properly.

If you don't follow the extensive instructions in order, or if make any major changes to the flows that result in the template not performing as expected, we will not offer any support.

If for some reason you have problems with installation, please make sure that you first make use of the ManyChat and Integromat tutorials.

Any issues past that, please contact us through the support form.

Licensing Agreement

The Bot Templates, Integromat scenarios, Google Sheets and any other included assets for the Local Marketing Pro Bot Templates are the sole intellectual property of Patrick Friedl (Braintrust Interactive, Local Marketing Pro) and are subject to copyright in part or in whole.

As a licensee, you are free to use these assets in your business or include the Local Marketing Pro Bot Templates and assets with services you may provide for clients.

You may not, however, give away, sell, market as your own, or include any of these assets in any course ware, training, products, lead magnets, or any other product, in part or in whole.

In short, you may use these in your own company for unlimited clients. You may not transfer ownership or resell them.

By installing and/or utilizing any of these assets, you hereby agree to the aforementioned licensing terms.

Refund Policy

Because these products are digital and chatbot templates can be cloned, all sales are final, and no refunds shall be given