Lead Gen System


  • How to Install the Template
  • Bot Settings
  • Dynamic Image Settings
  • Bot Walkthrough
  • Setting up the Google Sheet and Integromat - Base Voucher
  • Setting up the Google Sheet and Integromat - Stop Follow-Up
  • Setting up the Google Sheet and Integromat - Review Request


ManyChat Template
Lead Dashboard

You'll use this one sheet for all the bots. Remember - use a separate sheet for each client!

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  • Main Integromat Scenario (right click, Save As)
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  • Stop Follow-Up Integromat Scenario (right click, Save As)
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  • Review Request Integromat Scenario (right click, Save As)
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    Remember - use a separate scenario & webhook for each client!

    Bot Overview

    The Elevator Pitch
    It's a simple fact - customers LOVE deals. According to recent research, 90 percent of consumers use coupons in some way during the buying process. For brands, Vouchers offer a way to reach existing and new customers in a tailored way that influences their purchasing decisions.

    Built for higher end products and services that require booking an appointment, Voucher Bot brings Vouchers from online offer sites and mailers into the social space where the customers are. It's targeted, digital, and helps a brand generate new customers and keep existing ones with a trackable ROI.

    With Voucher Bot, you'll be able to deliver irresistible offers while building an email and SMS list that you can monetize long after the customer's redeemed their first offer!

    The Benefits

    • Fully automated, messenger based system registers customers into your VIP club with phone and email, building a long term asset
    • Drives brand awareness, page likes, comments and engagement
    • Drives paying customers by delivering a personalized, digital voucher that can be redeemed on-site
    • Employs a multi-day follow-up system to remind customers to book their appointment and redeem the voucher
    • Reduces advertising costs
    • Generate more repeat business
    • Optional, personalized images and vouchers to increase conversion
    • Trackable vouchers record redemption amounts
    • Customers can share vouchers with friends and family, increasing business and reducing ad spend

    Template Info

    Once you've installed the ManyChat template, your bot will have a set of Custom User Fields, Bot Fields, Template Fields, and Tags. Custom Fields are values unique to each user in the bot, and Bot Fields are global - they're what power the template with dynamic info. Template Fields are encapsulated in the template so they don't overwrite what's in your bot already. Tags help us manage logic and flow. Here's the complete list:

    Custom Fields:

    • email
    • phone
    • voucher_referrer_id
    • voucher_referrer_name

    Bot Fields:

    • api_key
    • business_address
    • business_call_button
    • business_name
    • business_phone
    • business_email
    • business_website

    Template Fields:

    • voucher_addon_offer
    • voucher_allow_share
    • voucher_booking_url
    • voucher_image
    • voucher_offer
    • voucher_offer_addon
    • voucher_post_url


    • voucher_entered_email
    • voucher_entered_phone
    • voucher_not_interested
    • voucher_started_flow
    • voucher_submitted_info
    • voucher_was_referred

    Creating Your Voucher Ad

    Create a new ad in your Business Manager and choose the Messages Objective

    Ad Targeting
    Depending on your niche (chiropractors, dentists, medical spas, massage, salons, etc) your targeting will be specific to the niche.

    Ad Placement
    While we generally stick to just the Facebook Feed, Messenger ads also do well with Messenger Inbox and Instagram placements.

    Ad Examples
    Your ad is going to be specific to your niche and your client. However, here are some examples we've run for our clients with great success.

    Ad images should be 1200x628, 909x476, 1000x1000 in size. You can also use an animated GiF or short video.

    Messenger Setup
    In the Messenger Setup pane, select “Custom” and then click Create Message.

    In the Create a Custom Template pane that pops up, uses the settings you see below:

    The text should read something like:

    Hi {{first name}}, thanks for your interest in the [VOUCHER OFFER! Just click the "Claim My Voucher" button below to unlock it instantly...

    Be sure to check the keywords in the bot. The text of the Quick Reply or what you tell the user to type must match a keyword in the bot in order to trigger the voucher flow.

    There are already keywords added, but just to be sure, click the Preview in Messenger button to make sure it works! Once you know it works, click the Finish button to save this template.

    Your ad is complete! Click the Confirm button, and you’re ready for traffic!