Loyalty System PPV (Points Per Visit Model)


Powering Loyalty with NFC

If you're going to be adding NFC (Near Field Communication) capability to client's table tents or other print media, you can get the NFC stickers here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K6H6K43/.

This gives you an additional option for getting people into the program if they don't have a way to scan the QR code!


ManyChat Template
Canva Table Tent Template
Lead Dashboard

You'll use this one sheet for all the bots. Remember - use a separate sheet for each client!

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  • Integromat Scenario (right click, Save As)
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    Remember - use a separate scenario & webhook for each client!

    Bot Overview

    The Elevator Pitch
    If a client doesn't understand why they need a loyalty program, the explanation is simple - selling to your existing customers is much easier than attracting new ones, so you need to keep them coming back! Simply put, loyalty programs help you make more money - if you do it the right way.

    A lot of businesses have loyalty programs, but they're not maximizing their potential. The reason is because they run them through bloated apps that need to be downloaded, or they go "old school" and use outdated punch cards that are easily lost, never used or don't offer enough incentive for customers to come back.

    Loyalty Bot digitizes the entire process and doesn't need an app to do it! Every time a customer comes in, they can scan a code, tap an NFC anebled tag, or use any of the other bots to get points for the visit. This system is flexible and works for nearly any retail model spas, restaurants, automotive, whatever.

    And the entire system is digital and social - no apps to download and no crappy paper punch cards! Every action is recorded so you can track a customer's lifetime value through the loyalty system.

    The Benefits

    • Integrates with new and existing bots to create an easy, low friction loyalty system
      Fully customizeable to fit any business model
    • Viral aspect rewards customers for referring friends and family - more customers with no ad spend
    • Easily tracked scans, redemptions, and referrals help track ROI and reduce cheating and fraud
    • Increases customer retention with an easy to use reward system for doing what they love - buying from you!
    • Drives more customer sales with reminders if customers haven't scanned in a few days

    Template Info

    Once you've installed the ManyChat template, your bot will have a set of Custom User Fields, Bot Fields, Template Fields, and Tags. Custom Fields are values unique to each user in the bot, and Bot Fields are global - they're what power the template with dynamic info. Template Fields are encapsulated in the template so they don't overwrite what's in your bot already. Tags help us manage logic and flow. Here's the complete list:

    Custom Fields:

    • lty_last_scan_date
    • lty_num_scans
    • lty_points
    • lty_pts_earned
    • lty_pts_to_rwd
    • lty_referrer_id
    • lty_referrer_name
    • lty_reg_date
    • lty_rewards
    • lty_rwd_earned
    • lty_scan_date
    • lty_spend

    Bot Fields:

    • api_key
    • business_address
    • business_call_button
    • business_name
    • business_phone
    • business_email
    • business_website

    Template Fields:

    • lty_use_email
    • lty_use_msgr
    • lty_use_sms
    • lty_avg_check
    • lty_skip_input
    • lty_scan_delay
    • lty_give_register_rwd
    • lty_register_rwd_name
    • lty_get_phone
    • lty_card_bg
    • lty_card_box
    • lty_card_col1
    • lty_card_col2
    • lty_card_stripe
    • lty_post_url
    • lty_program_name
    • lty_pts_for_join
    • lty_pts_for_redeem
    • lty_pts_for_refer
    • lty_pts_for_referred
    • lty_pts_per_visit
    • lty_pts_per_rwd
    • lty_rwd_name


    • lty_scan_ok
    • lty_reg_rwd_claimed
    • lty_declined_register
    • lty_was_referred
    • lty_entered_phone
    • lty_finished_registration
    • lty_started_registration
    • lty_got_welcome_gift
    • lty_registered
    • lty_entered_email

    Promoting Your Loyalty Program